3 Simple Ways To Revive Your Make Up Routine


We all have a certain “go to ” make up routine that’s quick and easy.  It’s the first look we think about while getting dressed for work in the morning because it doesn’t take much effort to accomplish.  We’re all in need of an occational little pick me up to give us a little boost in confidence or to revamp our sexy!! Here are 3 simple ways to quickly revive your make up routine!

  1. Choose A Vibrant Eyeliner: The next time you are out shopping for new makeup have a little fun and grab a bright yellow or orange shade eyeliner to wear on the inside water line or on the lid as a daring cat eye.  Like most of us, I would have never known how this one step alone can inspire so many fun looks because the only eyeliner color I ever wear is blue or black.  I’ve just never purchased colored eyeliner before because I didn’t think it would look good on me and definitely didn’t think I would ever wear it in broad daylight.  Here, I’ve added NYX Slim Eyeliner in Sapphire Blue which was very different for me.  After looking at myself a few times I kinda of felt that it gave me a more youthful appearance (or maybe it was in just in my head) which made me fall in love with it so I”ll definitely be experimenting with vibrant eyeliner color more often.
  2. Choose A Vibrant Mascara Color:  Just like wearing colored eyeliner, choosing to wear a bright colored mascara is one step closer to living on the edge in my opinion.  If this step is a little out there for you, just remember that the good thing about makeup is, if you don’t like it, you can just wash it off and start over.  My suggestion would be to use a relaxing Saturday afternoon to experiment (in case you are a “make up square” like myself).
  3. Choose A Bold Lip:   My lip color is something that I’ve really been enjoying experimenting more with lately because I usually stick to sheer glosses and nude mattes.  Since I’ve launched my cosmetic line, Sandy Coffee Beauty, it’s given me courage to play around with different colors I wouldn’t normally purchase.  The color I’m wearing here (and that I’m currently OBSESSED with) is “Comet” by Sandy Coffee Beauty from the Electric Metallics Collection.  It has a very pigmented metallic shimmer that will boost any look!

I’m only suggesting you change just one element of your daily makeup routine for the sake of time and also to prevent you and I both from looking like a circus clown by adding a “vibrant eyeliner”, “vibrant mascara” and a “bold lip” all at the same time.  Let me know of any other ways you revived your make up routine!!