I am BEYOND excited to announce my new cosmetic line SANDY COFFEE BEAUTY!!!  This has been a dream of mine for so long and I can’t even express how happy I am to finally be able to share my love for cosmetics with everyone.  So far I have 3 collections: “ICONIC LASH COLLECTION“, “MIAMI PARADISE COLLECTION“, and the “ELECTRIC METALLICS COLLECTION“!!

ICONIC LASH COLLECTION I’ve always been known for my lashes mainly because my eyes are one of my favorite features so I like to play them up with lots of drama.  This collection has dramatic lashes that  as well as lash choices that are more natural looking.  


MIAMI COLLECTION– Being from Miami, I was inspired by the tropical and vibrant colors  that represent the city.  My favorite lip color to wear is the “HOT MAMI“, so it was a no brainer to have this color in the MIAMI PARADISE collection.  I added the “HOT BLOSSOM“, and “HOT CHERRY” because these colors reminded me of Florida oranges and flamingos! 🙂


ELECTRIC METALLICS– I am a huge fan of shiny lips and this collection will surely give your lips intense sparkle!!

SANDY COFFEE BEAUTY is truly one of my most proudest accomplishments.  I have so many other collections that will be launching within the next couple of weeks so be sure to follow me on INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, and TWITTER for all SANDY COFFEE BEAUTY updates.